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The Challenge


🌞 Welcome to the 2024 ANS Summer Shred Challenge! 🌞

Get ready to embrace the heat and transform your body with our exhilarating Summer Shred Challenge! Whether you're looking to sculpt your physique, boost your energy, or simply elevate your fitness game, this challenge is your ticket to reaching new heights.

Join us as we embark on a journey to crush our goals, one workout at a time. With expert guidance, personalized support, and a community of like-minded individuals cheering you on, success is within reach.

From dynamic workouts to nutrition tips right here in your FitManager App under topics that fuel your body for peak performance, we've got everything you need to make this summer your strongest yet. Plus, there are exciting prizes awaiting those who rise to the challenge and push themselves to the limit.

Are you ready to sweat, smile, and seize the summer? Let's shred those fitness goals together in the 2024 ANS Summer Shred Challenge! Sign up now and let's make this summer one to remember. πŸ’ͺπŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈπŸ”₯

How to earn points:

1 pound of fat loss = 10 points 1 pound of muscle gain = 10 points

Loss of body fat % = 10 points

You'll receive 10 participation point(s) for each weigh-in (after the initial weigh-in).

Prize to the winner:

The contest has two sets of prizes: One set for Male and one set for Female

1st Place: $250 Cash + $100 Gift Card

2nd Place: Supplement Stack Valued at $200

3rd Place: $100 Gift Card

EVERYONE: $25 Gift Card + Free Shirt and Shaker for completing ALL Check-ins

What you get

All the tools you need to WIN... FREE.

InBody Scale Access

First, you'll hop on our state of the art digital impedance scale. This device will provide you with the most accurate data on your body's current state.

Goal and Macros

Then, we will discuss your goal, set it in the Fitmanager app, and tune your macros. Both metrics will be made available in your fitmanager app profile.

InBody Results Review

One of our trained staff members will review your InBody data to get a clear picture of your fitness level and how to best approach your goal.

Supplement Suggestions

and samples

Besaed on your InBody data, goal and macros, the fitmanager program will suggest the best supplements to help your reach and surpass your fitness goal.

Meal Plan

Eating is the key. We will use the InBody data and Fitmanager macros to create you a meal plan you can actually fallow.

Fitmanager App

Everything we cover in our time together will be made available to you in the Fitmanager app for you to have with you all the time.

What you do

Once you join...

You just show up and follow the plan!

Visit our location

Follow the food plan

Get proper supplements

Check your progress on our InBody

Earn real results

Win cash and prizes

What we do

We'll track the points and your progress using InBodyℒ️ and Fitmanagerℒ️

We host and manage our challenges using the latest technology in body analysis measurement. Paired with Fitmanager, the challenge is fully automated and secure.

βœ… In-app Leaderboard

βœ… Progress Tracking

βœ… Supplement Management

βœ… Check-in Reminders

βœ… Goals and Macros


70 pts


90 pts


85 pts


Check-in Dates

Initial Weigh-in 1

May 5th - May 11th

Active Nutrition

Weigh-in 2

May 19th - May 25th

Active Nutrition

Final Weigh-in

Jun 2nd - Jun 8th

Active Nutrition

Final Weigh-in

Jun 16th - Jun 22nd

Active Nutrition

Final Weigh-in

Jun 30th - Jul 6th

Active Nutrition

Final Weigh-in

Jul 14th - Jul 20th

Active Nutrition

How to collect points

1 %


1 lbs


1 lbs


1 visit


Notes: The gain of body fat or loss of muscle mass will result in the removal of points. Participation points are awarded for weighing-in within each eligible window (except the first weigh-in)


The contest has two sets of prizes: One set for Male and one set for Female at each location!

$250 Cash + $100 Gift Card

Supplement Stack

Valued at $200

$100 Gift Card

EVERYONE: $25 Gift Card + Free Shirt and Shaker for completing all Check-ins

Frequently Asked Question

Do I have we attend all weigh-in dates?

That depends on if the hosting location has marked any/all of the weigh-in windows as required. If, so, then you will be removed from the challenge if you miss that/any weigh-in window. The hosting location can reinstate yo into the challenge if the rules of the event allow.

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Can I lose points?

Yes. If you have reverse progress on any metric that points are awarded towards, you will see a loss of points.

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How do I track my progress on the leaderboard?

By joining Fitmanager you will have access to the leaderboard for the challenge you are a participant in. Additionally, you can visit the hosting location for an update on the leaderboard.

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